Who are we?

BOOST TEAM was founded by Anthony Fung and Kelvin Ng. We specialize in digital transformation, brand management, and advertising marketing. Since our establishment in 2017, we have been dedicated to helping businesses unlock their digital potential, and enhance their company reputation.

We are dedicated to serving and aim for innovation, offering high efficiency and high-quality services.

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Our People

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Digital Potential

We understand the power of harnessing digital technologies and strategies to propel businesses forward. We work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive digital transformation strategies tailored to their unique needs and goals. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge tools, we guide businesses through every step of their digital journey.

Successful Case: Transforming the Fire Protection Industry with Customized E-commerce Solutions


We take pride in presenting a remarkable transformation story in the fire protection industry, where our customized e-commerce solution revolutionized the business model and generated exceptional results.

Challenge: The Traditional B2B Fire Protection Industry

Our client, a traditional B2B fire protection business, faced the challenge of limited market reach and a predominantly offline business model. They recognized the need to adapt to the digital age, expand their customer base, and tap into the growing demand for fire safety products in the consumer market.


Boost Team took charge of the website development process, focusing on key aspects such as website UI/UX design, seamless product subscription function, and comprehensive payment integration. Our goal was to create a user-friendly online platform that catered to the needs of both B2C customers and the fire protection industry.


The impact of our customized e-commerce solution was nothing short of remarkable. By transitioning from a traditional B2B model to a thriving B2C business, our client experienced a significant boost in revenue. The e-commerce platform generated over $2 million in sales, showcasing the immense potential of digital transformation for traditional industries.